lostheiroffaery (anarchist_queen) wrote,

Danan Estate, Thursday

If Iranon or Elora had been there, they might have advised against Sila's idea to use Bardic Magic to help Leda lower her shields. But they weren't and no one else were skilled enough bards to guess the possible side effects. But even they couldn't have predicted what would happen when you added Muppets to the mixture.

Leda looked up from her perch on the couch to see everyone towering above her and staring incredulously. "What?" she asked. "Why's everyone staring at me? STOP STARING AT ME!!"

"Ah, er," Kermit stammered. "Yyyyeah. Well. She sounded emotional right?"

Little by little the rest of the Muppets slunk off awkwardly.

"What?!" Leda demanded. "What's wrong? Hey when did you guys get so tall?" Then she looked at Kermit and Robin. They weren't so weetiny as they used to be. Her mouth dropped open in shock.

"Oh my Gods!" she squealed. "Am I a little girl?" But every other time she'd turned into a child, she'd reverted to Florida, borderline feral, mute. She felt much different this time.

"Where's a mirror!" She hopped off the sofa and dashed to room where a full length mirror could be found.

"Mom wait!" Sila tried to call her back, but it was too late. She caught up with her mother in time to find her staring at her reflection.

Leda's eyes were wide and shocked, her mouth once more gaping open. She looked at the mirror, then down at her hands. "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" And she fainted dead away.

"Yeah." Kermit sighed. "Goldie Hawn reacted the same way."

[So yeah, Leda's a Muppet for a while. Because.]
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