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Island of the Fomors, Sunday

“Why do they want to kill us?” Ana asked. She and Leda appeared to have left any pursuit behind for now.

Leda noticed that the little girl was holding up quite well, both physically and emotionally. She herself could not quite account for her state of mind. The last thing she remembered was completely losing her shit in the small boat in the middle of the ocean. And now here she was, calm, cool, and collected. She wondered if that should bother her.

“In your case I doubt it's personal.” she told Ana. She briefly explained the history of the Tuatha De Danan and the Fomorians, including hers, and presumably Tim's connections to them. “I'm a direct descendant, and Tim's some kind of Faerie superhero. So we've gotten the brunt of their ire. You, I think it's just a matter of needing a third sacrifice.”

But Ana wasn't so sure about that. “The scaly man said I was extra-special.”

“Probably a dubious honor.”

Ana hadn't heard that word before. It sounded similar to double, but given the context, that probably wasn't what it meant.

“It could be they need the innocence of a child. Like Robin said, in the movies, ceremonies like this often-”

“Oh it's more than that.”

Cobra Commander, flanked by Pythona and a Fomorian who looked like he was made of coral, blocked their path. “We'll call that an added bonus shall we?” He gestured, and the Fomorian lunged at Leda. Pythona threw a handful of what looked like seaweed at Ana, who dodged into the brush. The kelp ball impacted on a tree and quickly wrapped around it. Pythona cursed and pursued the child.

Meanwhile Leda was holding her own against the Fomorian. Cobra Commander leaned against an outcropping of rock. It was times like this he wished he smoked a pipe. “Do you know what cloning is Your Majesty?”

Leda rolled under the Fomorian's reaching arms, coming to her feet behind him. “Isn't that where you make copies of people?” She kicked her attacker in the back, who stumbled forward. Really they should have sent someone better adapted to land.

“Essentially, but it can be used in much more creative ways.” Annoying, infuriating ways. “You see young Anastasia is an amalgamation of histories greatest female warriors and leaders. And most beautiful.” he added as an afterthought. Serpentor was after the perfect wife after all. Arrogant bastard just assumed said wife would accept him. The Commander almost wished the plan had been carried out, just so he could watch Serpentor learn what he himself had learned the hard way. It would have been delightful to have the “Cobra Emperor” usurped by his own queen.

“Oooookay.” Leda muttered, picking up a rock and throwing it with unerring accuracy at the Fomorian, knocking him down. It wasn't a knife, but her aim was just as good as it ever was. “Why?”

“Oh that doesn't matter. What's relevant is that one or more of those leaders was a descendant of your Tuatha De Danan.” He watched as Leda picked up a stout stick and began beating the fallen demon. “And what makes her 'extra-special', as our friend the Priest said, are the genetic memories lying latent in her mind.” Serpentor had shown some evidence of that as well. “Which will make her body a perfect receptacle for the mind of a Goddess.”

Through all of this, Leda never lost her cool. It made sense to her that she would not be afraid of death. She knew approximately what waited for her there and it was nothing to fear. But she would have thought that this whole situation would at least piss her off. But it didn't. On the other hand she did feel the compulsion to protect Anastasia.

With the one opponent out of the fight finally, she turned to the snappy dresser. She'd take care of him, then go after the Siren and Ana.

But the Commander never left his rock. He merely pulled a gun from it's holster.

“You forget, they need us unharmed.”

“They'll heal you.” he said, and pulled the trigger.

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And to be continued here.]
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