lostheiroffaery (anarchist_queen) wrote,

Island of the Fomors

"Welcome home dearie!" the priest grinned fondly at Pythona.

Her hand gripping the shoulder of the child, his acolyte strode down the gangplank of the ship, followed closely by her...friend.

Cobra Commander cut quite an impressive figure in the long black duster and cowled mask. The Fomorian Priest liked the serpent imagery particularly. He just wasn't sure the man could be trusted. It was Pythona's idea to recruit him, offering him vengeance against his unfaithful son, his enemies, and of course, a world of his own. But he was human, and treacherous.

The ship had rendezvoused with the smaller boat piloted by Marsh. It was large enough that it had docking faclities within it, allowing the entire party to arrive at once.

Tim was prodded down the gangway first, by Marsh. The young man was blind-folded, and a pair of shackles around his wrists prevented him from summoning his weapon. Mera, oh that delightful little girl, gently guided the still vegetatated Leda down last.

"And here they are." the priest gloated. "The Faerie Queen, the Grand and Puissant Champion of the Fae, and you." He crouched down in front of the child. "You my dear, are extra special. Do you know why you're here?"

[Continued here.]
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